Renaissance Big Ripa Red Ale 500ml Bottle 12 Pack


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RIPA was produced due to a demand by our shareholders for a ‘sessionable‘ red ale. It seems they want to have 2 glasses of beer sometimes... So our band of merry brewers got together to design something red, yummy, and with a reasonable ABV.

We gave it a malt forward flavour using a blend of NZ specialty malts to yield chewy toffee notes with a hint of roastyness. Next comes the full on earthy fruity hop flavours with spicy undertones, which we achieve by late hopping with a melange of kiwi hops and a hoppy yet balanced red ale, the nose gives citrus and tropical fruit hop aromas with undertones of caramel malts. The taste is emphatically hoppy with hop resins coating the tongue. The finish is long and very hoppy!

Beer Analysis
Original Gravity: 11.5
Fermented Gravity: 2.5° P
International Bitterness Unit: 33
Standard Reference Method: 17

More Information
Product Family Beer
Country of Manufacture New Zealand
Vessel Type Bottle
Size 500ml
Sub Variety Red Ale
Variety Ale
Region Marlborough
Brand Renaissance
Alcohol Percentage 5.3%
Units Contained 12
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