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Hand-harvest at their best moment, the grapes are destemmed, crushed and vinified in a careful maceration with extraction of colour, tannins and pellicle aromas, complemented by permanent pumping-over during fermentation. This process takes place in vats at a controlled temperature between 28-30C, until reaching the desired Baumé. At this phase grape brandy is added (benefit), originating a fortified wine. A wine of an exceptional quality, obtained by the lotation of several harvests, in order to acquire a complementarity of organoleptic characteristics typical of this style aged tawny. Matures in wood for variable periods of time in which the age mentioned on the label corresponds to the approximated average of the different wines age on the lot, expressing the character of the wine in what concerns the characteristics conferred by the ageing in oak casks.

Tasting Notes
Intense brick colour, with amber halo. Great complexity in the nose, standing-out the dried fruit aromas, almonds and hazelnuts touches, combined with honey and vanilla notes. Refined taste, of great softness, elegance and intensity. A full wine, round, extended in a rich and intense freshness finish.

Technical Details
The wine should be stored in a fresh, dry and dark place, without temperature variations, and the bottle must remain up-right. As a natural product, the Port Wine is subject to create deposit when ageing. Once opened, it should be consumed within 4 to 6 months. The periods here suggested are merely for guidance, notimplying the deterioration of the wine but only a slow evolution that can lead to the loss of its original sensorial characteristics. Slightly refreshed, it is the ideal choice to serve with appetizers like strong cheeses and pâtés. The velvety texture and the singular aromatic expression stand-out remarkably with main courses with dried fruits. Irresistible with a tureen of foie gras with aubergine and nuts. Wonderful choice to serve with a myriad of delicious caramel brownies, chocolate and pistachio pavê and nuts crostini with cheese chèvre. The multiplicity of possible harmonies is superb, having the consumer the pleasure to go in search of new flavours. Serve at a temperature between 12 and 14C.

More Information
Product Family Wine
Country of Manufacture Portugal
Vessel Type Bottle
Size 750ml
Sub Variety Port
Variety Red Wine
Region Oporto
Brand Burmester
Alcohol Percentage 14.5%
Units Contained 6
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Burmester Tawny 10 Year 6 Bottles

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